Rhodes Scholars in Oxford

The Rhodes Trust supports the intellectual and personal growth of talented men and women, chosen from over 32 countries, who have outstanding potential to excel at Oxford and exhibit leadership in their wider careers. It has been very successful in this aim – Rhodes Scholars share a history of enriching their communities, being pioneers in their chosen fields, and applying the knowledge gained and experience acquired as Scholars to the prosperity and betterment of the societies in which they live. They have consistently distinguished themselves in politics, academia, business, law, the arts, medicine, science, sport, activism and countless other fields, much to the advantage of the communities from which they come and in which they go on to live and work.

Our original endowment proved sufficient for the first century of Rhodes Scholarships but the past decade has brought two key challenges: (1) vacillating investment returns and (2) a dramatic increase in educational inflation, especially for international students at Oxford.   This changing and complex landscape necessitated a change in our business model to keep the Rhodes Scholarships as the world’s leading merit scholarship.  With a remarkable degree of goodwill and generosity from our community, we began to seek private support in 2010. For a financial summary document which outlines our fundraising progress, endowment performance and participation rates, please click here.

The launch of The Rhodes Scholarships: Campaign for the Second Century occurred during the 110th Rhodes Anniversary. The campaign goal is to fully endow the 83 existing Scholarships in perpetuity and for our endowment to have at least £250 million.  Due to the gifts already received, we have under a third of the overall goal left to raise, namely £47 million, and we need your help to achieve this. Your donation will also release the 'matching' element of the McCall MacBain Foundation gift, namely a 1:1 match for donations to the Canadian Scholarships and a 1:2 match for all others, with other matching schemes also offered.

With your support, we will ensure the best future and continuing impact of the Rhodes Scholarships for the coming century.

Changing Lives

In the film below, Rhodes Scholars currently in Oxford discuss the impact that the Scholarship has had on their lives, and talk about their Oxford experience.

Gifts to support the Rhodes Scholarships are recognised as gifts to Oxford Thinking: The Campaign for the University of Oxford. The Rhodes Trust is keen to encourage Rhodes Scholars also to support their colleges and the wider University of Oxford.