The importance of giving every year

Every gift to the Campaign for the Second Century is appreciated.  Already 34% of Rhodes Scholars have made a gift at some time to the campaign.  This includes gifts from every Scholar Going Down in 2012, 2013 and 2014.  However, making a gift every year – annual participation - is vital to our success. 
Here are three reasons why:
1.    The power of a £
It takes £2500 of our endowment to generate a sustainable £100 to spend on Scholarships and Stipends every year in perpetuity.  So your annual gift allows our endowment to regenerate faster and thus secure the Rhodes Scholarships for the future. In addition, your gift, of whatever value, will be matched by the McCall MacBain Match Fund.  For a time-limited period special match rates apply to larger gifts, click here.

2.    Gifts of all sizes make a difference
£284 provides one week’s stipend for a current Scholar
£423 provides one week of University fees for a current Scholar

3.    Participation of all Rhodes Scholars is critical to secure major gifts
To reach our Campaign goal we need the support of Foundations and philanthropic people who are not Rhodes Scholars but who recognise the importance of preserving the Scholarships for their huge future social impact. The first thing they ask is 'What percentage of Rhodes Scholars are supporting the Campaign?’  It can make the difference between success and failure to be able to say that a high proportion of Rhodes Scholars are contributing.  Making an annual gift, of whatever size, is what counts.

Recognising your participation

The Rhodes Trust financial year ends on 30 June.  Every donor is listed in our annual Donor Report with special kudos being accorded to Scholars giving every year for the past three years and the Class Year and Country with the highest participation. The Donor Report is a visible show of support by Scholars and is a vital fundraising tool when the Trust approaches non-Scholar donors.  Please be part of it. To track our annual giving participation, click here.