The Rhodes Trust provides the Rhodes Scholarships in partnership with the Second Century Founders, John McCall MacBain O.C. and The Atlantic Philanthropies, as well as other generous benefactors.

The McCall MacBain Foundation, a grant-making organisation established by John and Marcy McCall MacBain, committed a lead donation of £75 million to the Rhodes Trust in 2013. It consists of a £25 million grant, a £25 million challenge/match donation, and a future £25 million to expand the Scholarships into new geographies. The gift, which was the largest since the establishment of the Scholarship in 1903, enables the Trust to continue to send future global leaders to the University of Oxford. He also serves as a Rhodes Trustee and is on the Rhodes Development Committee.

John McCall MacBain O.C. said: “Receiving the Rhodes Scholarship and attending Oxford were among the highlights of my life.  These Scholarships have been helping develop future leaders for over a century.  With the world facing ever-increasing challenges, the need to help develop leadership skills is more important than ever.  I hope that this gift will help secure them for another 100 years.” 

John McCall MacBain O.C. (Québec and Wadham 1980) made his donation during the 110th Anniversary celebrations:

David Cameron, the UK Prime Minister in 2013, said: “I welcome this donation to ensure that Rhodes Scholarships will flourish long into the future.  It is great news for the UK and our world class, higher education system that such a prestigious programme looks set to be secured for the long term.”

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The Atlantic Philanthropies committed a lead donation of £75 million in 2016. It is an international, limited-life foundation established by entrepreneur Charles F. Feeney. The Rhodes Trust will work with an interconnected set of Atlantic Fellows programmes to create the Atlantic Institute, a central convening and knowledge-sharing hub for the global network of Atlantic Fellows.

Christopher G. Oechsli, President and Chief Executive Officer of The Atlantic Philanthropies said“From its inception, Atlantic has invested in people and in their vision and ability to realise a better world. In our final year of grantmaking, we are making our largest philanthropic investment ever, in people. Atlantic’s grant to the Rhodes Trust is one of a series of big bets to create an interconnected set of Atlantic Fellows programmes. Our vision for the Atlantic Fellows programmes is to connect and empower a new generation of people who are committed to working together, across disciplines and borders, to build fairer, healthier, more inclusive societies. The Rhodes Trust has built an unparalleled community of leaders with a commitment to serve others and better society.  Their experience and their vision to amplify the impact of the existing network of Rhodes Scholars make them an ideal partner to connect and strengthen the new Atlantic Fellows programmes and their prospect for impact.”  

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hodes Scholars at the Sheldonian Theatre

Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada, said: “Education is essential to building a better world.  More than one thousand students from Canada alone have benefitted from Rhodes Scholarships over the decades.  It is truly heartening to know that thousands more from around the globe will enjoy the same opportunity thanks to the vision and benevolence of the McCall MacBain Foundation.”

In recognition of the transformative nature of the gift - this is the largest donation by a Canadian to scholarships - John McCall MacBain will be named a Second Century Founder of the Rhodes Trust and the Rhodes Scholarships.  He also serves as a Rhodes Trustee, member of the Rhodes Development Committee and as Chair of the 110th Rhodes Anniversary.

John Hood, Chairman of the Rhodes Trust, said: “We are deeply grateful to John, Marcy and the McCall MacBain Foundation for their determined leadership in this new capital campaign to build the endowment for the Rhodes Trust.  The Rhodes Scholarships work to inspire future generations of young leaders, which does not only have a profound impact on those individual lives, but also on their communities and the wider world.”

John and Marcy McCall MacBain outside Rhodes House

John and Marcy McCall MacBain outside Rhodes House

The donation announcement comes at the same time as the Rhodes Trust publicly launches its campaign, which aims to supplement its current endowment both to support the existing Scholarships, and to plan new strategic initiatives, including deepening the Scholar experience and geographic expansion.  The Rhodes Scholarships: Campaign for the Second Centuryaims to raise £110 million.

Don Gogel, Chairman of the Development Committee for the Rhodes Scholarships, said: “This transformational gift helps develop these wonderful Scholarships, which have produced some of the 20th century’s most eminent leaders in business, politics, the arts and education.  It also enables other donors to leverage their gifts by attracting the matching money that th

Celebrations at Rhodes House

Celebrations at Rhodes House

e McCall MacBain Foundation has made available.”

Andrew Hamilton, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Oxford, said: “For over a century, the Rhodes Trust has played an integral part in the life of the University.  Indeed, it is hard to imagine the one existing without the other.  I am absolutely delighted that the McCall MacBain Foundation has taken this step to ensure the future health of the Rhodes Trust with its magnificent donation.  The University will add further support and plans to work with the Trust to help it raise matching funding for the challenge posed by this grant.”

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