Governor Fashola at Rhodes HouseProminent Nigerian leader Babatunde Fashola, Governor of Lagos State, tonight spoke to a large audience at Rhodes House on progress and challenges as Lagos develops rapidly towards being the third largest 'megacity' in the world.

Governor Fashola, a lawyer who served in the administration of his predecessor as Governor, was elected as Governor of Lagos State in 2007, and was popularly re-elected in April this year.

In delivering a special OReNGA (Oxford Research Network on Government in Africa) lecture, Governor Fashola spoke of reforms in health, transport, housing, environment, law and order, taxation, the promotion of entrepreneurship, and public private partnerships to serve a young and fast-growing population in a region rich in natural resources which was undergoing rapid economic growth.

Governor Fashola also reflected on the challenges of leadership in demanding times and of the importance of engaging and communicating with those affected by change, on the importance of restoring 'the nobility of the values of public service' after a difficult period in Nigeria's history, and on the need for international cooperation in 'a global community', including the importance of long-standing and current links between Nigeria and the United Kingdom.

In thanking Governor Fashola, the Warden of Rhodes House, Dr Donald Markwell, observed that these themes - of leadership, service, and international cooperation - were similar to the values of the Rhodes Scholarships, which in the past had brought talented Nigerian students to Oxford 'and we hope will again in future'.

For a copy of the speech by Governor Fashola, click here and a podcast is available here.