New Rhodes Scholars from  the 14 Rhodes constituencies have been warmly welcomed to Oxford in recent days. Activities organised for the Rhodes class of 2014 have included 'Welcome Day' events today, a day trip to Windsor tomorrow, and college tours, meals and many other social activities. Warm thanks go to the many Rhodes Scholars in earlier years who were part of the Welcome Team and who made the week such a success.  Read the short biographies about the Class of 2014.

The Welcome Day activities on Saturday, 4 October, included information stands about Rhodes groups, the class photo, the annual auction on behalf of the Rhodes Scholars Southern Africa Forum (RSSAF), and a 'Meet and Mingle' party. In welcoming the Rhodes Class of 2014, Charles Conn, the Warden of Rhodes House, spoke about letting Oxford surprise them, the type of study the University encourages, the sense of belonging to the global Scholar community, the Rhodes focus on leadership and service, and offered some tips for the first term. Members of the Rhodes House staff team were introduced, and Scholars met with others from around the world and from different years to form 'family groups'. 

Please enjoy the photo gallery from the Welcome Day:


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