The McCall MacBain Match Fund

As part of The Rhodes Scholarships: Campaign for the Second Century an historic matching scheme has been put in place to help us reach our ambitious fundraising target:

  • 1:1 matching on gifts from all Scholars elected from Canada or living in Canada (up to a total match fund of £13.75m)
  • 1:2 for all other gifts made to the Second Century Campaign

Eligible donations include single or recurring gifts at any level and bequests received during the match period. The match is offered by the Rhodes Trust's Second Century Founder, John McCall MacBain (Québec and Wadham 1980), Marcy McCall MacBain and the McCall MacBain Foundation, who have committed £25 million to the match fund. The goal is to encourage broad participation by all Scholars and friends of the Scholarship  to complete our Campaign goal, which offers the opportunity to achieve permanent sustainability for the current 83 Scholarships.  The match runs until 31 December 2019.  

Donors may support the Rhodes Scholarships and be eligible for matching funds in any of the following ways:

  • Cash gifts—the simplest and easiest gift you can make—can be made by credit card, personal cheque, or cashier's cheque.
  • Wire transfer
  • Gifts of appreciated securities, stocks and bonds
  • Recurring gifts can help sustain your impact through regular and consistent contributions. You can set up your credit card to be charged a certain amount at your stated frequency.  Donors in the UK can also set up direct debits.
  • Corporate matching gifts – many corporations offer matching gift programs for employees and their families. Click here (United States) or here (Canada) to see if your company will match your gift.

Frequently Asked Questions:

 Q: “I made a multi-year pledge back in 2012, will it be included in the McCall MacBain match?”
A: The McCall MacBain Foundation will match all cash received from 1 July 2013 against pledges made in advance of 1 July 2013.

Q: “If the MMF match limit is achieved / met early and some of my installments are paid after that date, will all of my gift still be matched ?”
A: Rhodes House will monitor all pledges and gifts carefully and will ensure that donors are made fully aware from the outset of the extent to which their gift will be matched. We fully allocate all pledges made against the matching schemes available at the time of the pledge.

Q:“What happens when the match schemes are achieved?”
A: We will celebrate, as this means the Rhodes Trust is close to achieving the overall Campaign goal of securing the core 83 Rhodes Scholarships. We will let donors know when the match schemes are achieved and in the absence of any other new match schemes and for as long as the Campaign continues, pledges and gifts will still be sought but without the benefit of matched giving from other donors.

Q: “Is this the only matching scheme available ?”
A: No, many employer matching schemes exist with companies offering match schemes for employee charitable giving and we encourage donors to alert us to any matching schemes that their employers might operate. Rhodes Trust and the McCall MacBain Foundation are both open to any further matching proposals from donors.