The 2015 CRSF Scholar is Joseph Cock. He writes: "Having graduated with first class honours in French & Linguistics from St Catherine’s College in 2015, it is with great excitement that I begin a new chapter in Canada with the CRSF’s generous support. In September 2016, I will begin an MA in Public & International Affairs at the University of Ottawa’s Graduate School.

This MA offers a rewarding course of study with a multidisciplinary focus. Over the next two years, I will complete courses in politics, economics, international relations and topical aspects of domestic policy-making that are increasingly shaping intense debate among my generation. I anticipate that tackling these issues in an international setting will leave me with useful perspective upon my return to the UK. The school also strongly encourages students to undertake international internships in NGOs in the intervening summer, an opportunity I look forward to keenly.

This course offers practical preparation for those with an inclination to pursue careers in public service and government. With these objectives in mind, the appeal of studying in Canada’s capital, a short walk away from the parliament buildings, government departments, and numerous embassies was striking.

I am delighted to have the chance to undertake such a varied and practical course of study in a diverse academic environment with a commitment to French-English bilingualism – a part of Canada’s national identity that makes the country uniquely fascinating for me, and with which I am eager to engage."