Aspects of life in the Rhodes community in Oxford are reflected in these videos:

Glimpses of Rhodes 2015-16

Music: 'Vacation' by ALBIS 
Created by Courtney Wittekind (Ohio & St Antony's 2014). 

Glimpses of Rhodes 2014-15

Music: 'Woman of the World' (Instrumental) by the Brightwings
Created by Tara Paterson (British Columbia & Trinity 2013). 

Glimpses of Rhodes 2013-14

Music: ‘Naive’ (Instrumental) by The Kooks
 Created by Kiron Neale (Commonwealth Caribbean & Linacre 2013).

Glimpses of Rhodes 2012-13

Music: ‘Bright Eyes' (Instrumental) by Nard Berings
 Created by Mary Kanui (Kenya & Linacre 2011).

Glimpses of Rhodes 2011-12

'Glimpses of Rhodes' 2011-2012 from The Rhodes Trust on Vimeo.

Music: 'Adeline' by Noush Skaugen.
Created by Susan Humphrey (Maritimes & University College 2010).

Glimpses of Rhodes 2010-11

Music: Vivaldi.
Created by Anthea Pierre.

Glimpses of Rhodes 2009-10

Music: Dynah.
Created by Salih Solomon (South African College School, Newlands & Oriel 2004).

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