Rhodes Scholars are women and men drawn from diverse backgrounds in many countries.  They are leaders in extra-curricular activities, committed to promoting the public good. In Oxford, as well as focusing on their studies and related academic and professional activities, Rhodes Scholars are active in their colleges, departments, University clubs and societies, and their local, national, and international communities. Many take part in sporting, musical, theatrical, political, religious, and other activities. They are also deeply engaged in community service activities in Oxford and around the world, and the advocacy of causes they believe important for the world’s future.

The photo gallery below illustrates a selection of Rhodes Scholar activities:

Rhodes alumni of several generations reflect on their experiences here, and the varied experiences of many Oxford students are also reflected here.

Current Scholars in Oxford organise many groups and activities themselves, including those featured below.  The listing of a group does not reflect a formal endorsement by the Rhodes Trust, nor do any opinions stated by them necessarily reflect those held by the Trust.  They are independent groups, but are expected to demonstrate a sense of inclusivity and the scope for dialogue, debate and a diversity of views. 

Black Association of Rhodes Scholars


Global Scholars' Symposium

LGBTQ Rhodes Scholars Society

Redress Rhodes

Rhodes Book Club

Rhodes China Forum

Rhodes Chorus

Rhodes Christian Fellowship Group

Rhodes Climate Secretariat

Rhodes Economic Forum (REF)

Rhodes Scholar Library

Rhodes Scholars' Southern Africa Forum

Rhodes Science Group

Rhodes Women