Justice Edwin Cameron delivers the 2015 Bram Fischer Memorial LectureThe Bram Fischer Memorial Lecture in its current format was founded in 2007 (a previous incarnation of the lecture was established in 1989 and ran for a number of years). It was initially hosted by New College, where Bram Fischer was a Rhodes Scholar (New College, 1931). Since 2011 has been hosted by Rhodes House. The lecture is organised by a committee that includes Dr Nic Cheeseman, Lord Joffe, Dr Yvonne Malan, and the Warden of Rhodes House. From its inception, the lecture has received kind support from the African Studies Centre.

Previous speakers

2007/8: Lord Joel Joffe 
2008/9: Arthur Tsunga
2009/10: Justice Albie Sachs
2011/12: Advocate George Bizos 
2012/13: Ms Navi Pillay 
2013/14:  Prof Denis Goldberg 
2014/15: Justice Edwin Cameron 

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