Welcome to the homepage of the Association of German Rhodes Scholars. Since 1903, there have been more than 180 Scholars from Germany, and the Association of German Rhodes Scholars works to support and strengthen this extraordinary community.

The objectives of the Association are:

  • Connecting Current and Senior Scholars with each other, through the organisation of an annual meeting in Berlin to coincide with the election of the new class of German Rhodes Scholars and by supporting independent regional gatherings.
  • Promoting the visibility and standing of the German Rhodes Scholarship, by organising an annual “German Lecture” at Rhodes House, Oxford. 
  • To disseminate information about the Scholarship and about Scholars in an annual Newsletter as well as via updates on LinkedIn.
  • Strengthening the Rhodes Scholarship through financial support from Senior Scholars and other sources.

The Association is supported by a Board of Trustees, led by Hans-Paul Bürkner. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you want to find out more, contact details are given below.

Further information


For the 2016 Newsletter, please click here.
For the 2013 Newsletter, please click here.
For the 2011 Newsletter, please click here.

How to join the LinkedIn group

If you are already on LinkedIn, just search for “German Rhodes Scholars” and request to join. If you do not yet have a LinkedIn account, please email Babette Tegldal (babette.tegldal@rhodeshouse.ox.ac.uk) at Rhodes House who will send you an invitation and instructions for how to sign up.

How to organise regional meetings of Rhodes Scholars

The Association's Trustees are more than happy to help Scholars organise regional gatherings. Please contact us to let us know and we will help identify who lives within that particular region and can contact them on your behalf.

For upcoming events in Germany, please click here.

For travelling Rhodes Scholars

If you are a Rhodes Scholar from anywhere in the world and want to connect with German Scholars, for example whilst travelling in Germany, or if you are a German Scholar and want to connect with Scholars elsewhere in the world, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to connect you with fellow Scholars.

Board of Trustees of the Association of German Rhodes Scholars

Chairman: Dr Hans-Paul Bürkner (Germany & St Catherine's 1976)
Deputy Chairman: Dr Anne Roemer-Mähler (Germany & St Antony's 2003)
Treasurer: Mr David Klemm (Germany & Hertford 1995)
Communication: Dr Pierre Van Hoeylandt (Germany & Magdalen 1993)
German Lecture: Prof Dr Dr Nils Ole Oermann (Germany & Christ Church 1996)

Please contact the Association by e-mailing: Pierre Van Hoeylandt