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The Rhodes community extends warm congratulations to Scholars listed below on their appointments and awards.

ATHAR TAHIR (Pakistan & Oriel 1974)

Athar Tahir was given a national literary award by the Pakistan Academy Letters.  His book The Last Tea was awarded the Pitras Bukhari Award. 

RICK FRENCH (British Columbia & Magdalen 1968)

Awarded the Order of Canada.

RANDY BOISSONNAULT (Prairies & Corpus Christi 1994)

Named Special Advisor to Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, on LGBTQ2.

CHARLES DAY (Australia-at-Large & Magdalen 1993)

Melbourne University's innovation expert has been appointed as chief executive officer of Innovation and Science Australia.

CHARLES TAYLOR (Québec & Balliol 1952)

Awarded the inaugural Berggruen Prize for his contributions to public affairs and humanities and various social sciences. The Prize is given to those whose ideas shape the world. 

NANCY LEVENSON (Arizona & Jesus 1989)

Appointed Deputy Director of the Space Telescope Science Institute. 

ROBERT ROTBERG (New Jersey & University 1957)

Appointed Fulbright Distinguished Research Professor of International Relations, University of Sao, Brazil for 2016/2017.

STEVE HOLTZMAN (Michigan & Corpus Christi 1976)

Appointed President and Chief Executive Officer at Decibel Therapeutics

STUART MUNSCH (North Dakota & Hertford 1985)

Promoted to Rear Admiral (Upper Half) in the U.S Navy